TONY WILLIAMS in HARLEM,N.Y.His mother told him she knew he was special due to the date of his birth.Born 5/15 at 5:15 weighing in 5lbs 150z.T.N.T fell in love with music at the age of 5.His step dad an artist/singer in his own right played a influential role in his life. His dad purchased a guitar for him to strum to his own tunes. Groups like KISS & QUEEN influence his musical taste and brought him into the world of Rock -n-Roll. Later he became influenced by Hip Hop and formed a rap group with his brother and cousin after relocating to DAYTONA BEACH,FL. There in Daytona Beach, he became known as one of the founders of the local Hip Hop scene. Shortly thereafter, he then ventured off on his own becoming one of the most feared mc's on the microphone. TNT took some time off to learn more about the buisness. After raising a family, he rediscovered his passion for HIP HOP. He started his first label FRESH KRUSH ENTERTAINMENT Nominated for the best soul/rap award for 1993 at the Florida Jammy Awards,then went on to win the Britist Knights rap contest and then the 2007 batte fest in central Florida. He's a breath of fresh air and his style, voice and music is a great marriage to HIP HOP

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Slide (Work it out) feat. Aa'lyra

Tony Williams aka TNT is one of the best artists out there with his new creative ways and beats that he comes up with on every song he creates. He brings you into his world with his lyrics and they hit deep with all of his listeners and followers. Someone to connect with who is for real in what he does and what he believes in. You will enjoy every step of TNT's journey through his music career.

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It's a party jam. Touch of old school. Here's hoping that TNT can be heavier. Doc H.

i had to be 1 of the first to support this single.

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