Hailing from Montana, No Cigar is a band that started from the frustration and inspiration of each member’s musical and life experiences. Seeded by 3 years of touring and recording with Colorado-based band the Photo Atlas, former drummer Nick Miles has now abandoned his place behind the drum kit to challenge himself as front-man on this new project.

No Cigar fits right in between the catchy appeal of pop punk and the grit of early emo/screamo - a great compromise between the eclectic arrangements of Taking Back Sunday and fresh hooks a la All Time Low.

The band thankfully strays from the over-produced aesthetics too often associated with the genre, following D.I.Y. ethics and self-producing their own material in order to achieve a more organic and personal sound, but also to be emotionally closer to their art and to the ideals behind this band.

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No Cigar is one of the best alternative bands out there with their creative lyrics and rockin' music that keep fans from all over the globe coming back for more. They bring you into their world with their lyrics/music and their listeners and followers are compelled by their uniqueness to want more. A band to connect with who is for real in what they do and what their beliefs are. You will enjoy every step of No Cigar's journey through their music career.
Enjoy this great band and show your support by purchasing their album for only $4.20. No Cigar receives 100% of all sales, minus transaction fees.
No Cigar greatly appreciates your support in creating more albums and performances in the future.


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