“An unique celebration of fatherhood that sounds great and must be heard” Gerry Wood- Editor Country Weekly Magazine
Featuring the single "A Year Gone By" and its accompanying music video the passionate CD release "A Father's Love Letters" touches the heart. On his latest recording, “A FATHER’S LOVE LETTERS”, performance poet Mike Hamill teams up with award-winning singer-songwriter Rich Wyman in a powerful, heartfelt performance about the first nine years of a father/daughter relationship. The compelling work earned a Grammy Award semi final nomination. Hamill says, “We as parents sometimes get caught up in ‘providing’ for our children and families when what they really want, and need, is for us to share ourselves with them. That’s what this album is about.” By sharing insights into a man’s perspective of parenting with the creative interplay between Hamill’s impassioned spoken word and Wyman’s diverse compositions an exciting new sound has evolved. In the process a new voice encouraging men to become intimately involved in their children’s lives by opening up to them has been born and must be heard.

‘Mike Hamill’   New Single
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Don't Worry Dad
‘Mike Hamill’   Album
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A Father's Love letters
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Last Night
First Told
Almost Time
Help Me To Be
A Year Gone By
And You
Much Too Fast
Things To Be Learned
Your First Day
Already Nine
The Hand Poem (A Daughter's Reply)
Want You To Know

Enjoy this great artist and show your support by purchasing his album for only $10.00 or one of his singles for 99 cents each.

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