HiGH WyRed, a conglomeration project of performers that have made a lifetime of music performance. Band members are from different parts of the US and have a vast diversity of musical backgrounds. Their diverse experience ranges from formal black tie Jazz, 60's,70's, 80's Pop Rock, Blues and yes even Drum & Bugle Corps! The well rounded experience from the band as a collective brings a unique sound and approach to performance. HiGH WyRed offers an old school professional approach with a new age flair that attracts a very wide age group. The experience this band brings lends itself to almost any audience and venue, large or small. The band is as comfortable performing a low volume wedding or a loud energetic arena! The group has a large, varied list of familiar cover songs as well as original material. At the center of HiGH WyReD is the drummer Keith "Papa Bear" Adams. "Papa Bear" has had an extremely rewarding musical career and like a fine wine his performance behind the drums has become more refined and robust, keeping people wanting and asking for more. There is truly no way to describe the refined prowess of his performance. The only way to get a clear picture is to experience him in person.

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Bust My Knuckles
Parchman Farm remix
Papa Bear
Done Somebody Wrong remix
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High Wyred is the perfect name for this Rock and Blues band. The energy in their music can be felt with every song they perform. Their infectious melodies and lyrics take you for a journey into the minds of what makes the band "High Wyred". The diversity of their music is what catches the ear of every listener, no matter what their age may be. A twist of Classic Rock, Jazz, Blues and a new different approach to their sound gives this band their unique sound.
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